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Xavier Préel - VP General Affairs Middle East - Total

Xavier Préel

VP General Affairs Middle East

Since joining the Oil & Gas Industry in 1980, Xavier Préel has assumed several positions.

In the first 10 years of his career, he held  positions in Elf’s Exploration & Production, gaining experience in drilling, construction and project economics both in France and on foreign assignments in the Netherlands, Norway, Congo and Cameroon.

In the early nineties, Xavier Préel became Chairman and General Manager of Elf Qatar (E&P) before transferring back to France in April 1996 as General Manager of Edelfi, an IPP (Power) joint development company formed by Elf and France’s power utility EdF.

In January 1998, he took up the position of President and General Manager of Elf Venezuela (E&P), subsequently returning to head office in Paris in July 2000 as Vice President, Business Strategy for Total Exploration & Production. 

He was then appointed in 2007 at the Corporate Strategy Division, until beginning 2010 when he took his current responsibility as Vice President Middle East in charge of General Affairs.

Xavier Préel graduated from France’s Ecole Polytechnique in 1978 and went on to earn a joint PhD in Energy Economics from the IFP School.

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