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Emad Alablani - General Manager – Head, Group Human Resources - NBK

Emad Alablani

General Manager – Head, Group Human Resources

Emad joined the National Bank of Kuwait on March 2003 where he started his career as a Manager heading the Recruitment Department. Moreover, he headed the HR Operations and then deputized for the General Manager of Group Human Resources. He has been officially appointed as Head of Group Human Resources for NBK on a General Manager level reporting to the Chief Executive Officer since October 2014. Before joining NBK, Emad has been appointed in several managerial roles at Kuwait University and Qualitynet, among others.
Furthermore, Emad is a member of various management and leadership committees at NBK, including but not limited to Information Security Governance, IT Board, Remuneration and Talent Management Committee.
Emad is a member of the Executive Committee that is in charge of bank wide key decisions and strategy and he is a member of the CBA Advisory Board (AACSB, MBA) at Gulf University for Science and Technology-GUST on January 2016.
Emad is an alumni from both Harvard Business School and American University of Beirut (AUB) after completing the General Management Program (GMP) at HBS and an Executive MBA at AUB respectively. Additionally, he holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Educational Psychology from Kuwait University.

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