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Dr. Dawoud Bahzad - Division Director - Science & Technology - Petroleum Research Center

Dr. Dawoud Bahzad

Division Director - Science & Technology
Petroleum Research Center

  • Speaking at: SESSION 5: Energising the Workforce and Strategies for Talent Development

Dawoud Bahzad has been assigned as Division Director – Science & Technology, for Petroleum Research Center, at the Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR). He obtained his Ph.D. in Chemistry and Catalysis from University of Wales, Swansea, since 1996. His previous experience was focused on catalyst preparation, deactivation, characterization, and obtaining testing of different catalyst systems using different type of feedstocks. His majority was focused on Hydrotreating process (ARDS) and hydrocracking process (HC), which involves testing commercialized catalyst systems in the pilot plant units using actual feedstocks similar to the one used in the refinery. In addition responsible for all research projects that are related to either Upstream or downstream fields which improve the relation of the center with clients.

His present work is focused in different areas based on PRC strategic goal. Involved in securing founds through joint work with local and international institutes, petroleum companies and universities in the area of upstream and downstream.

Involved in preparation center strategy with particular regard to longer-term perspectives 2030, and update the strategic every 5 year in particular finalized 6th, 7th and 8th strategic plans for PRC center. Participate in reviewing and preparing KNPC, KOC and KPC strategy for 2040.

In charge of initiations and execution of all contractual projects between PRC and clients specific all K-companies and institutes as well as universities.

Coordinate with Center of Strategic Alliances for collaboration with regional and international organization such as; GCC (universities and institutes), JCCP, Taiwan-ACS, Korea, China University (CUP), RIPED, VTT, and India institute CSIR & IOC, University of Missouri, CONACYT-IMP Mexican Delegation.

Assists center towards goal of achieving financial self-sufficiency through greater generation of client-funded and commercially valued research engagements and management of the center’s innovation strategies including development and exploitation of Intellectual Property (IP).

Provides advice and counsel to the center management team on quality standards and ensures that scientific research outputs, procedures and publications meet specified organization’s quality standards.

Bahzad has several publications and technical reports in the related fields.

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