Kuwait16-17 April 2018

Tuesday 12th April 2016


07:00  -  08:00

Registration & Welcome Breakfast

08:00  -  09:15

Session 4: Economic Diversification and Growth of the Private Sector


  • Latest steps being taken in economic reform and diversification
  • How do we put the mechanisms and legislation in place to improve the investment climate and facilitate private sector participation?
  • SME development as key to promoting long-term economic diversification
  • The role of the private sector in the transformation of the energy industry, where do the opportunities lie? What do the renewable energy options mean for national economic diversification?
  • The best models of public-private cooperation.  
09:15  -  11:00

Session 5: The Long-term Vision for Downstream: Capitalising on the Opportunities


  • The roadmap for downstream development: how do the projects fit into the overall strategy for Kuwait?  What role does downstream play in Kuwait’s path to economic diversification?
  • Routes to successful integration of the downstream value chain
  • Driving forward domestic refinery projects through collaboration and innovation. Solutions to increase productivity whilst complying with the latest environmental standards
  • What do service companies have to offer projects in terms of innovation, competitiveness and affordability?
  • How can Kuwait take advantage of downstream expansion opportunities in Asia and Europe?
11:00  -  11:30

Networking Coffee

11:30  -  12:45

Session 6: Investing in the Next Generation


  • Boosting performance and local capacity through knowledge transfer.  What progress has been made in creating and sustaining a world-class workforce development programme
  • What more needs to be done to bridge the skills gap?  How do we prepare for the future today and bring on the next generation of oil sector workers?
  • Experience investing in human resources and skills: Best practice in workforce development and transferring knowledge
12:45  -  13:00

Concluding Remarks

13:00  -  14:30

Networking Lunch


Close of Summit


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