Kuwait16-17 April 2018

Monday 11th April 2016


07:00  -  08:00

Registration & Welcome Breakfast

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08:00  -  08:30

Welcome Addresses


Chairman’s Introductory Remarks
Opening Addresses

08:30  -  10:00

Opening Session: Adapting to Change and Optimising Kuwait’s Role in World Energy


  • Kuwait’s future as a global energy capital.  What is the government’s vision for Kuwait’s role in the region and the world?  Significance of the latest plans for economic reform
  • Changing market dynamics, low oil prices and what they mean for Kuwait. How can Kuwait adapt and innovate and maximise its competitive advantage?
  • How can Kuwait meet the economic, security and environmental challenges that lie ahead?  Working towards climate change goals post COP21.
10:00  -  10:30

Networking Coffee

10:30  -  12:15

Session 1: Driving Forward Project Execution: Achievements and Opportunities


  • Strategies to increase production capacity and optimise potential throughout the value chain
  • Funding strategies to realise projects.  How are projects being financed in the current climate?
  • In what ways is Kuwait reinforcing its international status and boosting its presence globally?  
  • What is being done to accelerate development, improve efficiencies and help deliver projects on time and within budget?
  • How are stakeholders working together to implement solutions and achieve project success? 
12:15  -  12:45

Session 2: Market Focus


  • What are the realities of the international oil markets?  How are the parameters changing? Implications of low oil prices and global oil supply trends for Kuwait
  • In what ways can Kuwait adjust to the new market realities? How can we ensure that Kuwait prospers in the future energy scenario?  The shifting domestic energy mix
12:45  -  13:30

Session 3: Managing Stakeholder Relationships and Enhancing Cooperation


  • The shift in relationships and new approaches to collaboration.  How can we stimulate investment and production capacity?
  • What can be learnt from the experience of alternative contract models?  Potential gains and challenges
  • How is production across the region impacting supplies?
  • What are the possibilities for regional cooperation?
13:15  -  14:30

Networking Lunch

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Close of Summit Day One


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